Apple Chamomile Lawn – well I hope it will be

New area beside the tank

The pots of Apple Chamomile that I divided and potted up many months ago is finally ready to be planted out.  (I won’t mention that it has been ready for awhile and this is the first chance I have had to get to it….)Anyhoo, the slight pit that has been beside the tank for the last 10 mths has now been filled in and the the 10 pots planted out. 

I have covered the area with old bedding from the hen house and it appears the plants are thriving under the shelter.  In the photo below it can be just seen peeking out of the mulch.  Beside the tank 2


Fingers crossed by next spring this area will be covered in a lush green carpet!



BOTANIC NAME – Anthemis nobilis

Apple scented Chamomile


Walk on the lawn and up wafts the scent of apples. Used for outdoor chamomile seats. Lawn quality best if flowering prevented. 25-40 plants needed per square metre. Chamomile plugs are available if pre-ordered.
HEALTH – A tea of the white daisy flowers is used in the same way as German Chamomile for relieving colic in children and aiding digestion in adults.