A post about ‘nothing to do with gardening’

New table

What have I been up for the last few days?  Sanding and painting. 

I have a new dining Table.  Friends are moving into together and no longer needed 2 tables.  So they kindly gave the ‘spare’ one  too us.  The surface needed varnishing.  So a quick sand and a few coats of estapol and now its all smooth and shiny, like new. 

The other project is a set of draws for the boys bedroom, these I have been searching and looking  for, for many months now.  I finally found a solid pine tall boy for $45 from lifeline.  (Baragin!)  To give you an idea of their age, a sticker on one of the draws stated ‘Joh for PM.’   (They were misted on in a rainstorm – to explain the water droplets)  A quick sand and a few coats of estapol and enamel, I think they look new!

So now today I am scrubbing the kitchen floor and resealing the vinyl to prolong its life and also the shiny table makes the floor look disgusting.  Almost done.   And then the new table can move in.  Later in the week I will be off to search for new seats to go with the new table.  As the ones we have give me the worst back ache, so they will be donated to lifeline. 

I enjoy giving old furniture new life.  Years ago I did it out of neccessity as I could not afford new furniture, now I buy it as I enjoy repairing and repainting it. 



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