Random acts of Kindness

Random acts of Kindness still exist. 

Mushroom Compost

Last weekend we drove down the range to buy some Mushroom Compost.  I forgot a tarp and only realized this after getting to the pickup area.  For some reason dear Hubby would not let me sit the wet smelly bags in the boot without the said tarp?

Along came a knight in a white ute.  This lovely Gentleman offered to take my 10 bags of stinky compost back up the range in his ute, as he still had some room left after buying his 30 (!) bags.  I jumped at the offer.  And he scored a carton of eggs in Thanks.

Kindness still exists.

For all you locals – the compost is available Just the other side of Withcott, at the first left turnoff on the highway (sorry I have no idea what the street name is.  I think it the turnoff to Murphys Creek.)  It is only $1 a bag and yes take a tarp or else a trailer!


One thought on “Random acts of Kindness

  1. Hey I know that place – it’s in our neighbourhood!

    The turn off from the highway will take you all the way to Murphy’s Creek, if you turn left at the Power Transfer Station. Bit of an eyesore, so you can’t miss it!

    The mushroom place though, is the next left turn after you come off the highway. I think it’s two driveways up the street. They have a really long driveway, but normally put the bags of compost out the front.

    Nice to see some local generosity being shown. Glad you got the compost home without stinking out the car too! Bet he liked the fresh eggs. Mine have stopped laying with the recent heat spell. Looking forward to that cool change predicted soon.

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