Still kickin’

Hmm I thought I’d better stop by and say we are still alive and kicking.  Its been a crazy busy and rather warm week.  A cool change blew in last night, thank goodness, the heat was becoming unbearable.  I am itching to get out to the garden this afternoon I have some lettuce seedlings to thin and some carrots seeds to sow.  (Damn chooks keep digging them up, so I will put wire over them this time!)   So I will leave it here for now with a picture of our new tractor.  How can we have a farm without a tractor?  $5 at the dump recycling centre!  Bargain. (Oh and check out the herb garden, it is a jungle at the moment!)


Don’t forget the giveawayit ends on the 9th.  So please enter, especially as I have dug up a few other goodies too!

And thanks to Chris at Bushland Project for the plug with the giveaway.


One thought on “Still kickin’

  1. LOL!! My DH has been “looking” at tractors…. this would be a good idea for me to buy for him! Much more affordable than the tractors that he’s been looking at.

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