Plans & Dreams

Darren at Green Change requested a copy of our plans, I went to use the old ones, but I don’t think anyone could deciper my scribbles all over it!  So I have quickly drawn up a new set that is current for today’s crazy ideas ( actually I usuallycome up with my lastest design plans while I am waiting to go to sleep at night – hence why I am so buggered these last few weeks as I am trying to come up with plans for out the front.. more on that later) 

Plans 1

Plans 1a

Plant list –  In Green and Orange

  1.  Imperial Mandarin – early
  2. Emperor Mandarin – late
  3. Orange tree – yet to be brought navelette or washington
  4. Tubs of Misty Blueberries on veranda- yet to be planted I need to find said tub
  5. Libson Lemon – very spiny right beside the stairs, vistors beware!
  6. Mulberry
  7. Peach-a-rine
  8. Granny Smith Apple – possum eat fruit before it even ripens!
  9. Passionfruit
  10. Luffa
  11. Tropical apple
  12. Tropical apple
  13. Tropical apple

Other features

  • 2 geisha girls (I want to pull them out but they are good privacy screens and a native Melaluca tree these are marked by the x’s
  • Many fruit trees are in the blue pots such as ginger, fig, coffee trees, all the thorny berries, choc spaote to name a few

Brown numbers

  • 1 -5 Vegetable beds
  • 6 old herb garden under clothes line – currently unused, due to pallet of pavers- will be replanted with lavender and yet to be decided plants
  • 7 garden with pomegranate, lemon grass, bush daisies and other free ornamental plants saved from a mini skip

Projects waiting to be started….  oh boy what a list here is a few of the big ones

  • Pergola with grape vines – hubbys only request so far
  • Front path (edge needs to be finished – autumn 09)
  • Front gardens
  • Front orange garden – wanted big burly men with pick axes to dig over area please!
  • Passionfruit trellis up veranda – hopefully this weekend as it is running under the house
  • Wicking beds in bed 7
  • Rebuild garden in area 6
  • Put apple trees in ground – yeah still not done now planned for winter 09

Another plan in the works in the kids garden and chook food garden.  This will be located beside the chook pen and around the sandpit.  This will be a big job and I am in no particular hurry to start this one…  Many of the other areas in the yard I haven’t yet thought about much less what to do with  them – like behind the shed, back gardens under the oak and down the side of the house (I am thinking a choko as the house is a housing commission home and despite having wonderfully sweet neighbours who I hope never move, they might not be there forever and I don’t want to have expensive plants that might be killed by unaware new neighbours)

As you can see there is still much to do here, now that summer is drawing to a close it will be easier to work in the yard during the day.   Bring on Autumn…..


2 thoughts on “Plans & Dreams

  1. Over the last couple of weeks I have also been working on plans for our back acre. I think it’s always a great idea to have your plans drawn out on paper (like what you’ve done).

  2. Awesome, that looks great! I envy you people with lots of space. I’m really working hard to cram stuff in, but it’s hard to grow significant quantities of food on our little patch.

    Judy, a whole acre sounds wonderful!

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