Growing for First Prize


Oh yes it is nearly my favourite time of the year, Show Time.  Usually this involves me cooking up a storm and knitting like a crazy woman, all for that elusive 1st prize.  (I have had a few of them too!)  Usually it is only a few dollars in prize moeny, but heck it is fun seeing your goods on display.

Anyway this year I have produce growing, some of it I think might be up to scratch to enter into the show!  Hence I will now join the homegrown divison.  And hey for 60c an entry, why not!  There is still a few weeks* to enter so here are the links.  Scroll down the page to the Homegrown section and click on the schedule.  You can enter pumpkins, zuchini, watermelons, tomatoes and even 12 of your very best beans! 

Most certainly I will be their this year!  First prize is $2.00, but you get a ribbon!  So come on and have a go! 

*Entries close on the 25th March