Dirty Laundry

Warning contains complaining

Gosh the week is flying!  I have a small back log of posts waiting to be finished.  So hopefully the remainder of this week will be slightly calmer & I can get near the computer.  So far we have had school events, doctor appointments (the youngest is getting grommets) and swimming lessons.  I think in total I have spent an hour in the garden all week!  Thank goodness there has been some rain, otherwise I would have lost many seedlings.    But the most frustrating part of the week is:


Our washing machine has died.  A nice digital computer type thats only 5yrs old.  Husbands diagnosis – front door switch or the CPU board.  With fingers crossed the new switch was installed, it was only $50 & in stock.  No – the lights and whistles are still going…  It is the CPU, $90 and one week to get the news one shipped in.    Hmm seems this is rather a common thing to happen  see here

Image from: http://www.productreview.com.au/showitem.php?item_id=1001