Sad News


Sadly yesterday Little Chook died.  (Little Chook is front, centre)  She had been off colour all week.  And despite our best efforts she was found yesterday morning in a bad way.  By yesterday afternoon she had died in her sleep.

Little Chook was bossy, dominate and always battling to be ‘head chook’.  She was also very affectionate with the boys and allowed them to cuddle her and pat her.

We are sad and she will be missed.


5 thoughts on “Sad News

  1. i’m sorry about your chicken. isn’t amazing how attached we become to them. in october, we had a raccoon get about 4 or our chickens in one night. it was very sad.

  2. Bye Little Chook. I can imagine all the cuddles she gave freely. What a darl’in.

    I’ve lost a few chooks in my time and it’s never been easy saying goodbye. Each one is unique and loved, even if they were known to be cheeky too.

    But you wouldn’t give up the time spent with them, and that’s what made them so special.

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