Resources – Books


I love reading, as you can see by my extensive collection of magazines below. 

Magazine collection

Here are some of the titles I find useful. 

  • Grassroots, Organic Gardening, Earth Garden and Warm Earth Magazines
  • ‘The Complete Urban Farmer’ by David Wickers
  • ‘The Compost Book’ by David & Yvonne Taylor
  • ‘The Organic Gardener’ by Sue Stickland
  • ‘No-Dig Gardening’ by Allen Gilbert
  • ‘Recycle your Garden’ by Tim Marshall
  • ‘Commercial Hydroponics’ by John Mason
  • ‘Introduction to Permaculture’ by Bill Mollison
  • ‘Habitat Garden’ by Peter Grant
  • ‘The Seed Saver’s Handbook’ by Michel & Jude Fanton
  • ‘Permaculture One’ by Bill Mollison & David Holmgren
  • ‘What Pest or Disease is that?’ by Judy McMaugh  (brilliant book for diagnosis)


My 3 favourite reference books and ones that I feel every gardener needs to have are:

  • Organic gardening‘Backyard Self-sufficiency’ by Jackie French
  • ‘Organic Gardening’by Annette McFarlane
  • ‘Gardening Down Under’by Kevin Handreck – If you really want to get indepth with the ways soil works and plants grow. He has another book called ‘Growing Media’
  • The Yates Gardening Guide is also a great starting point for information about planting times and plant nutrition.


 Many of these books are available at your local library or can be purchased through the Goodlife Bookclub.