A Series of sorts

I seem to spend hours a week pouring over blogs, books and magazines looking at pictures, articles and finding new and cleaver (is that even a real word?)  things to do here at Little Farm.  So while brain storming about what todays post should be about I thought I should share about what I like to read about and the information I look for. 

In the 6 years (this June) we have lived here at Little Farm the yard has changed alot.  Originally there was 10 non productive trees in the whole yard, one the giant Pin Oak and the loquat.  Slowly we removed the none productive trees, barr the oak & loquat and have added fruit trees.  The gardens have been edged, vegetables have grown and we added city ‘livestock’.  In that time I have tried many ways of growing vegetables from Styrofoam boxes to tubs, hydroponics and cages.  I have had mixed results and learnt alot!   So I’d like to introduce you to


I will cover the resources we have used, methods of growing, types of gardens, companion plantings,  home-made remedies and other such goodies.  I can even show you how soil works…   

So lets get the “Farming in the city” series rolling.


One thought on “A Series of sorts

  1. I know what you mean about pouring over other blogs. I like to do that too. It’s great that you’re starting up a series about where to begin in a suburban setting. Very handy for those who may not even dream it’s possible to grow food in the backyard.

    Looking forward to reading the series.

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