Summer funk and 6000

I fondly refer to this time of year as the ‘end of summer funk’  the sun is just draining  and after I spend an hour watering and  bug checking the gardens I have little energy to do much more, like blog about interesting stuff.  Ah but my favourite season is coming.  Soon the leaves will be falling and the next planting frenzy will start.  And the weather will not be so hot and with that comes a renewed energy to start digging and building again.


So now I must apologise to you all for this end of summer funk and lack of inspiring posts.  But I must also Thank You as the hit counter has hit 6000!  Wow.  I am guessing that there is a few lurkers out there- hello!

So welcome to any new readers and hello to some old friends.  Hmmm I think we need a giveaway again…  I have no idea what ‘it’ will be yet so I will announce it later in the week. 

Now back to blogging.