That time of year again

Yep its that time of year again for The Swap Meet.  My hubbys favourite time of the year when many Men flock to the local showgrounds for 48hrs of cars, spare parts and lots of junk.

I used to find it to be alot more fun years ago, before “every day joes” realised that ‘stuff’ can sometimes be of value. You know around the era you could go the dump and actually look through other people ‘stuff’ or even climb up the heaps to get stuff and not get in trouble?   Now I don’t find it that much fun but will be going along for moral support.

The big reason we are heading out is our car is old.  Like really old in car terms circa 1967, no fan, no heat and with a groovy cherry red interior.  The speedo is in miles and its ‘4 on the tree’.  Oh and Australian made lol and my baby.

So we are off to find some spare parts since we cannot go to the local wreckers a buy them.  The are worth a mint now but we are always hoping there is an ‘everyday joe’ out there who doesn’t know it is worth a mint….. 

Inside car

417The toggle switch on the right is for the dash lights to be turned on (The headlights are the same but on the other side of the dash)  There is also the wipers, only one  speed, but you can make it faster by revving the engine and to wash the windscreen you pump the button to get water out.  There is also vent openers and the most important thing in the 60s car a cigarette lighter and ash tray.  Our model also comes with a parcel tray under the dash.

Hmm I am abit off track with this post, but I had to share my car and plug the swapmeet 😉 and I know many Charity’s will be donating time and people power (such as my brothers Scout group)  for the weekend so if you are local serious think about going to check it out.