Bucket of treasuresAs promised yesterday here is a few of the treasures that came out of the sandpit hole.  (Click to enlarge pictures)

Old batteryAlfoillittle bottleNive bottle with patternAnother bottlepaint tube

Sardine canAlfoil meltedBottle with melted on lidAnother bottleMilkbottle lidsbottle

And the strangest find is about a dozen test tubs…

test tubes

I think the best thing we have learn’t from this is what we throw away might be gone, but really it is still there.  20, 30 , 40 years later our rubbish will still be there.  I am glad I recycle.



One thought on “Treasures?

  1. I laughed at this post ’cause we have a back corner in our yard that we call the midden ’cause of all the stuff we’ve dug up while gardening there. I think people just considered the back of their yard as the dump – we have found poison bottles (!) and of course, so many bits of broken fibro that my asbestos paranoia is at an all time high (it only takes 1 fibre…), and some lovely bits of old china cups that I actually photographed the other day too! Funny, isn’t it? Hmm…just thinking about that poison bottle (and your test tubes) makes me wonder if we should test the soil since ours is a garden bed growing vegies….hmm

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