Another hole dug and some treasures

It was decided on Saturday it was time to start the boys new sandpit as they had started to dig holes in the driveway.  I had already noted a spot on the yard plans so it was just a case of doing it.

So a hole was started and you know how we just love digging big holes.  About 15cm down Tony discovered some darker brown soil that had a charcoal feel. 

The burn't earth in the hole

Further investigation revealed it was an old rubbish pit where all everything was burn’t.  To give you an idea of how old it could be, it contained dozens of old aluminum milkbottle tops.  So that dates in at least 25yrs, but I would guess it was older as we know about some of the houses previous history.

A few of the dug up treasures

There is more ‘treausre’ that was dug up but the camera went flat before I had a chance to snap some more pictures. 

Anyway we now have a sandpit!  I didn’t see the boys from afternoon tea until I called dinner time, it was really serious work.

Filling the sandpit

I will post some pictures of the ‘treasures’ we dug out of the hole in the next few days, there is some interesting stuff.