Weather antics

Wet washing

The weather is lovely and cool at the moment with heavy clouds in the sky.  Washing is next to impossible too dry with constant ‘suprise’ showers passing over that only last for a few minutes.  You get just enough time to pull the washing off the line and its gone. 

I hope all of you down south are coping with the bizarre heat wave you are experiencing.  I am feeling very, very lucky that we have had mild weather compared to other years.   My fingers are crossed it will stay like this!

The towel in this picture belonged to my great aunt Rene.  She was a home making hoarder and after she passed away my mother and nana found enough towels stashed away for all of the family.  That is over 20!  These ones came in a roll like a bolt of fabric, circa  early 1960s.  They come in minty green or zesty orange. 


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