Feast or Famines

The hardest part of living from your garden I am finding is the successive planting.  Plant too soon and you have a glut or plant to late and you will have a famine.  We momentarily had a glut of tomatoes now thanks to the caterpillars we have a famine.  Alas more are coming but it will be a few weeks before they are ready.  Rationing is in full effect at the moment with the few ripe ones left.

Bare tomatoes


It wasn’t too long ago I was picking more beans than we could consume and sometime in that bean induced haze I ‘forgot’ to plant some follow ups.  No beans, no beans for weeks now.  More are coming…

Beans growing

 Please hurry...

With the fabulous damp weather we are experiencing I have been on a planting frenzy hoping to squeeze a few more harvests out of the summer plantings, before the cooler autumn weather sets in.  (I hope all my readers from down south are survived in the heat!)  More beans, bok choy, spring onions, lettuce, carrots and sunflowers are all going in.   I really do enjoy this time of year with direct sowing.  No messy bleachy water, seedling trays or sterilized seedling mix. 

Sadly I write we will not be harvesting any pumpkins or watermelons this year.  All I will say about this is Chooks  and a sodding big fence next year.  My Luffa plants that were planted on the chicken fence are growing exceptionally well.  Well one is.  The other too has succumbed to ‘The Beak.’    A word of warning ‘they’ (the chooks)  enjoy passion fruit leaves too.


capsicumszuchinni monster!0243

But feasts are being enjoyed too a handful of raspberries everyday, more chives than I know what to do with, beetroots, zuchinnis, figs, basil, eggplants, chillis, silverbeets, potatoes and capsicums. 

Are you too suffering from feasts or famines?


2 thoughts on “Feast or Famines

  1. Much the same here Emily, I forget about the successive planting every single year. I think maybe the problem is Christmas, we are too busy having fun when we should be planting. We have gone from bean boredom to buying green veges here and ate our last tomato tonight so the pressure is on for the next lot. I would be heart broken if I had to BUY a tomato in the summer, its against my religion. x Deb

  2. Yes, we are the same with not organising to plant successively… altho at the moment we are drowning in tomatoes, so if you’d like some, shoot me an email and I’ll drop a bag off to you next time I’m in town Emily!

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