Update – the best laid plans

Opening sunflower
A unfolding sunflower

I keep coming online to do a post or even share a picture…  But then I become distracted reading blogs such as this one  or even this one.  And then our eldest boy started Prep yesterday.  He cried when I left and later after picking him up I asked him how his day was, “Awesome mum, excepted the bit when I cried.’  Sweet – Today it was all smiles and and he couldn’t wait to get there. 

I was planning on having a child free day today of just gardening while Callum attends Kindy, but he has the sniffles and a rather yucky hacking cough.  So the gardening will have to wait.  A pity as I swear there is plants in the front gardens but currently I can only see kikuya.  Lots of kikuya. 

Instead I will spend today getting the house back into some sort of order after the holidays, finalise next weeks menu plans and maybe do the ironing… (Tony usually does the ironing because apparently I do it wrong !?!-   I really don’t mind him doing the ironing… really, but honestly how can you do the ironing wrong?)  

I promise I will back with something slightly more interesting soon, have a fabulous week!


One thought on “Update – the best laid plans

  1. Good idea to do the ironing wrong, then you won’t be expected to do it. My brother used to break the dishes so he wouldn’t have to do washing up – or at least that’s what we thought he did. LOL

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