Hungry hungry caterpillars

Holes in the tomatoes


Despite the tomato plants looking rather *dead* the fruits are still ripening.  (For some reason this plant produced well and then decided to curl up almost die…  The other plants are looking abit hungry so – Note to self fertilize garden!)   Anyway the crops were going well until  a hungry hungry caterpillar decided to eat its way through most of my crop!

Another holey tomato

A guilty member of the ‘destroy the tomato’ party.

A big guilty grub

Got to love Tony’s grubby hands he permantly has greasey black hands… even after a shower!

Remedy to deal with above wreaking party.  Feed them to the chooks!  I also have cut down the plant in the first photo, it was all but dead and the caterpillar ate holes through all of the fruit on the bushes. 

Total fruit lost – 4kg


3 thoughts on “Hungry hungry caterpillars

  1. Im very sorry to hear that Emily but at you least you get the last laugh by feeding them to the chooks. x Deb

  2. wow you guys have been busy & so have the grubs
    the chook house looks great as do your green green gardens. rain rain rain beautiful wet rain, well it is so dry here every thing is brown & crispy, my barrels are empty so i am only watering the things that really need it. we have had soo many supper hot days i really dont like it one bit.

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