And finally

After a day of dark skies filled with heavy clouds, the rain finally started to fall.  And rain it did.

Filling the tank

A few minutes later…

Filling the tank - overflow


The 200L tank took only a few minutes to fill and then proceeded to fill the verandah.  More is predicted for today. 

Loving it!  39.4mm




3 thoughts on “And finally

  1. We even had hail here in newcastle! Unfortunately it didn’t last long and the tanks are still close to empty….Enjoy all that water!

  2. oh lucky you! we’ve watched the grey clouds gather and pass over for days – it’s so HOT the soil is dust and we are feeling very sorry for the farmers who have gone through years of this – how they do it I don’t know. Tank is almost empty so crossing our fingers we’ll get some soon.

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