Potato Harvest

Bucket of Spuds

I harvested the spuds last week.  I expected bucket loads of them.  Instead I had 1 bucket of them.  Just over 9kgs to be exact.  They range in size from marbles to the larger ones below.  I am putting this down to me planting the spuds a bit later than I should have and the recent heat we have been getting has killed the plants off.  (The pink firs are still in the ground as they have not died off)

So leason learned, plant the spuds a bit earlier next time.  But on a positive note they are so good with a touch of salt and a tiny bit of butter.  I am dreading the bucket bottom!


A few of the bigger spuds

A few small spuds


4 thoughts on “Potato Harvest

  1. Hi, I was happy with my spuds and I think they are generally bigger than what yours look like. Although different varieties.
    Mine could have gone better because I left them to the 28 spotted ladybug hoping for some natural enemy to come along and fix the problem, but they happily chewed their way through the foliage and probably shortened the growing season by at least a month.
    Btw King Edwards make excellent beer battered chips.
    I’ve been thinking with your raised beds, it can take a year or two for them to settle in and reach a good organic fertility, not to mention micro organisms and all that kind of stuff.

  2. oh they look great! We still have two beds to dig up but one lot seems to be still growing (hard to tell once the chooks have been through them). I was expecting a lot more too and will be interested to see the difference (if any) between our raised bed and the ones planted out in the garden. Mind you, all our garden beds are newish (except the raised one which was here before we arrived) so may still be low in fertility.

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