Hot days and Powdery Mildew

It is hot, dang hot.   Everything is wilting and soft.  And suddenly I am watering everyday just to keep things alive, such a shock after the cool spring with decent rainfall.  Along with the heat the powdery mildew has arrived on the zucchini plants.

zuchinni with mildew

Two treatment methods:

Mix 1 part full cream milk with 9 parts of water.  Spray the stems and leaves with the milky solution.  Reapply after rain.

Spray the leaves with a solution of 1 teaspoon of baking soda (bicarb soda) with 4 cups of water.  This will change the pH of the leaves and create an inhospitable environment.


I hope you are all keeping cool in this heat and your gardens are surviving!


2 thoughts on “Hot days and Powdery Mildew

  1. hello little farm! Thanks for the tip re the mildew – we had it last summer after lots of rain followed by hot days- it got steamy and the mildew started. I saw a patch today so will try this tomorrow.

    I laughed about the tansy plant ’cause we have one in the chook area and it is a bit of a nuisance there too – so big and gets in the way – so it’s probably the same where ever you plant it! Good to have to treat your girls for worms mixed with comfrey and wormwood thought and it’s meant to be an insect repellent too.

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