Building Project – Final and advice sort

The completed house

The chooks house is finished!  (The building part is, I still have 1 door to paint.)  At the moment it is butted up againist the wire and a hole cut in the wire for access.  Late yesterday afternoon, working in the final light of the day, we moved it into position and then realised it wouldn’t fit between the posts.  (You think we would have measured it first… ) 

So for now it is just sitting here, but later on (hopefully this weekend) we will remove the wire and the posts and move the house inside the pen.  And then reconstruct the pen.  Or…

I am debating about removing this smaller pen all together and just keeping the back area for the girls.  The boys are really wanting a fort and sandpit to play in and this area would be perfect.  But at the same time this area is great for the chooks when I need them to be locked up…  At least I have a few days to debate this and I will run it past my hubby to see what he thinks too. 

I would love to hear any thoughts you might have on this, it would be much appreciated, pros or cons please feel free to comment.


One thought on “Building Project – Final and advice sort

  1. Well your new chook house is a very similar shape to ours (obviously a superior design!!). We are building an enclosure around ours, with bird netting over the top. I don’t know what sort of predators you have around but whatever you do it really needs to be in an enclosed. There’s all sorts of reasons why you might need to keep your girls locked up and this gives you some options, along with their back area. I was looking at our garden today wondering how we’d go meeting the needs of kids if we had them and having space for the chooks so it’s a tough call. Could you move it to the back area and enclose it and then the boys could have this good spot?

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