Building Project 1 – part 2



What is it?

Yes it is a new Chook House.

The girls are currently housed in a old dog kennel.  It is hard to clean, and now with the six of them a very tight  squeeze.

The old chook tractor

< This is what the house used to look like, it was a tractor, made totally of recycled material (the kennel and an old fence).  But then it didn’t  rain for months, there was no grass for the girls and also the yard was such a mess and with two little boys wanting a play area the girls had to move to a more permanent area.


Current night house

So we built the pen and the house was moved into it.  Twelve months later the bottom is rotting off and it doesn’t have a good airflow through it.








Today the nesting boxes were finished and the walls went on along with the roof.


Almost finished now….

Here is Big chook trying out the house for size


6 thoughts on “Building Project 1 – part 2

  1. Stewart our 3 red hens are from Kingsthorpe at Allens Rural Store. They are a high-bred chook that is breed for commercial laying, we brought them as point of lay.
    The three black ones are from

  2. Hi Emily, your chooks are going to be sooo happy in there. BTW I have been using the book you sent me alot, it’s brilliant, thanks again x deb

  3. excellent! Big chook loves the new space I can tell. Enjoy your road trip.

    PS I’ve had a good read back over a few posts I missed lately – your garden has gone off! (in a good way).

  4. Yep the girls are loving the new house, it is not even in the yard yet and they were in their this morning and laid an egg!
    I think that is the best approval we can get 😉

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