Free stuff

A friend of ours always jokes if he is going to the dump he always has to stop here first so I can check out what they are ‘chucking’ out.  Yes most peoples rubbish is my treasure.  I have scored old pots, metal window grills, fences, timber, car parts, plants, toys, clothing, furniture…   I am often heard exclaiming ‘Oh I want that stuff they are throwing out.’  And yes I have finally succumbed to taking other peoples RUBBISH off the back of their trailers!

Last sunday we pulled into the servo to get fuel as another car pulled up with a trailer load of old corrugate in great condition.  I piped up with ‘I’d love that for the chook house.’   Next thing my hubby is chatting away to the owner and then he said ‘Yeah sure where do you live?’  Yikes, it turns out Hubby services the boiler where this person works at so they knew each other.  And yes he happily off loaded the corrugate, a cool old cast iron gate and some reo-mesh (you can never have enough of that stuff).  Thanks Brad.

corrugate and gates


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