Vegetable garden update

I haven’t done a garden update for ages, I guess as not alot of planting is happening at this time of year.

Bed one is looking dismal.  But we are getting tomatoes!  Lots of tomatoes!  I had previously staked up all the tomatoes and in the recent storms they collapsed.  So I purchased some wire and made cages to put around the plants.  The ones at the front of the garden have burst into new growth being caged up but the older plants have died back and are not looking happy, but luckily fruit is still ripening! 

Several more Roma tomato plants have gone in so fingers crossed they will be fruiting soon.

Bed One

Eggplant<  First eggplant!  Hopefully out of 3 plants we will get abit more fruit soon.  The flowers don’t seem to be setting.

capsicums> Capsicums galore!






Bed two looks even worse with the potatoes dying off, they are so close to harvesting.  We have had a few baby spuds and oh yum they are so sweet and creamy.

Bed two

Bed three has been producing so much bounty.  Corn, beans and zucchinis have been in abundance.  The cucumbers haven’t.  Total harvest count 1 cucumber.  I had two cucumber plants growing over the trellis and the trellis blew over in a wind storm.  It ripped out one of the plants!  It was dead on arrival/ discovery.  The other plant is buried under the MONSTER zucchini plant!  Yep this is one massive plant with a smaller one on the left.

Bed three

The beans are just about finished so I will be leaving them to go to seed now, for next season.  I harvested the corn earlier in the week, it isn’t as sweet as I hoped, My Dad would call it cow corn as it is pasty.  Any ideas why, my first suggestion is lack of water?


Bed 4 no longer looks like it is just mulch.  Carrots, pak choy, beetroots, lettuce, spring onions and celeriac are all being harvested.

Bed four


BBed 5ed 5 is almost finished now.  With the other beds I have quickly discovered the soil tends to crust over when it dries out.  This might be as it was dug out from under the topsoil, so there isn’t much organic matter in it.  I am finding the best way to stop this happening is to  add alot of compost and manures into the soil.  That is what this bed is waiting for.   I put the old corn stalks in this bed to and they too will eventually break down.  Once this bed is finished beans will be planted.  I have hardly any bean plants left now, despite my mass plantings earlier in the season.


~Happy Gardening~


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