I finally grew a few decent sized

Big leafy topped carrot

 I was talking to a friend about the garden and exclaiming that ‘I can never grow carrots.’  I reached down and pulled out a big leafy bit to prove my point and bowl me over there’s a blooming carrot on the end of it!

Needless to say we both had a great chuckle.  The carrots are roughly the length of my hand at the moment.   As you can see the tops are huge, I thought for sure to much nitrogen, so there will be all leaf and no root.  Ha!  The pavers are 20x20cm to give you an idea of jsut how leafy they are.



100gms harvested 3/1


2 thoughts on “I finally grew a few decent sized

  1. i have been harvesting carrots for the last week or so, i am growing the small type {cant remember the name at the moment} they are about 10 cm long & as thick as larger carrot varieties.
    they are supper sweet & crunchy

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