Looking forward and Looking back

Ah welcome 2009.  A new year. 
Wow where did 2008 go? 
May 2008

May 2008

January 2009

January 2009


the messy shed before it was moved.  This is what was on the verandah.

the messy shed before it was moved. This is what was on the verandah.

The old shed site, Jan 2009

The old shed site, Jan 2009

It all started in May 2008 when my lovely hubby, Tony, hired a dingo digger to put in our new rainwater tank, the tank was needed to water the vegetable gardens that were yet to be built .  (The tank was free, so it didn’t fit next to the house, hence the need for a hole to be dug.)  Next thing I know I am pricing  hardwood sleepers and I am building a retaining wall and laying several thousand pavers. 

But then the fun came with the addition of the herb garden, which has become an inspiration for several friends and family members.  And then finally the raised beds.  (Yep number 5 is still coming…)

 Also at Little Farm we have farewell ed 2 silky roosters and welcomed 3 new chooks (we have 6 now) and in the last week 3 guinea pigs, yet to be named.


guinea pig 1

guinea pig 3

Happy chooks

the boss chook


little roosters




The summer harvest is rolling in now and finally we are feasting on tomatoes, raspberries, cucumbers, corn, green and beans.  All the goodness of summer!

Plans for the new year.  Oh I have so much I want to achieve in this new year.  First thing first is to finish bed 5.  Also on the to do list is  – new chook night house, a grape covered gazebo that will be paved with the remaining pavers, a chook food garden, the front garden and I am sure many other things I have momentarily forgotten! 


On the blogging front I will be keeping a Harvest Count, Flickr photos and more how to grows.   I think my posts will be 3 times a week, as Liam starts school this year.   And hopefully I will be putting that certificate to good use working…. maybe.


From us to you have a wonderful new year.


3 thoughts on “Looking forward and Looking back

  1. Thank you Judy for your wishes. We are hoping to finish alot of jobs this year.
    Nicole, it is amazing how green it is here at the moment. I have avoided mowing out the back to keep it green and in some areas the grass is up to our knees.
    The g pigs are great such fun to cuddle with.
    Thanks for your lovely comments.

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