New Look and New Year

Little Farm is currently undergoing a new look, so please check back regularly for updates.

While I recharge my blogging mojo, which in case you can’t tell has been a bit low for the last few weeks, check out some of my favourite sites in the blogroll. 

I will be back in the new year with much to share.

New residences of LittleFarm

Meanwhile here is 2 of our 3 latest residence  that arrived last week.


5 thoughts on “New Look and New Year

  1. Ooh, Very chique.
    FWIW, can you add a subscribe to comments link at the bottom of the comment box so it is easier to follow further comments.

  2. looks great, did you take the photograph at the top?
    i am also on go slow with my blog, just too many things to do & places to go
    hope you had a wonderful christmas :o)

  3. Oh gosh not my photo Nicole, I wish. It just came with the lay out I am experimenting with. My point and shoot is very limited in photo quality… I can’t wait to get the SLR I have on layby.
    Stewart I will see what I can do for you.

  4. I’m the same – having trouble getting time to do anything on the blog, between kids’ activities all day and catching up with old friends home for the holidays at night!

    Instead I’m just sneaking in some blog-reading between playing games with the kids :-).

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