Now harvesting at Little Farm…



What a relief more crops are starting to roll in now!  The raspberries can’t ripen quick enough.


4 thoughts on “Now harvesting at Little Farm…

  1. You’re so lucky to have raspberries!! I reckon a whole ripe bush wouldn’t be enough to feed a hungry family. Not ours at least. 😉

  2. Stewart I have two types of raspberries. One is the Heritage variety that is sold by Daleys. The other is from the pcyc markets, it appears to be a thornless variety no fruit on it yet.. There is a lovely group of ladies who sell fruit trees that they propagate themselves.
    One of them said to pour ice water over the bushes if it is a mild winter. And at the end of the growing season to ‘run the lawn mower’ over the whole plant!

  3. Chris, they are SO good, I rarely tell the boys, or Tony for that matter, if I have fruit ripe. He he, There is masses of flowers on it again so more fruit again soon.
    I am hoping next year I will get a bit more fruit, but no the bush is not enough for just me!

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