Can you help me?

Our Strawberries, that are grown in pots, are being eaten by something.  And it is certainly not us!

holey strawberry

another holey strawberry

There is big holes eaten into the semi-ripe and ripe fruit.  I don’t think it is the grasshoppers that do this, maybe the little brown lizards I often see in the garden?

Any ideas?


4 thoughts on “Can you help me?

  1. My first guess would be rats or mice. Are there little holes nearby? If they’re coming in to get at your chook food (which most do) then a ripe berry makes a nice dessert afterwards.

    You can buy those live rat traps. Put a berry inside one and put it in the patch. You may just find your culprit in the morning. 😉

  2. My educated guess would be slaters, they like to hide in moist mulch, and they are happily eating their way through much of the strawberries here.

    I have heard that a pot with crumpled up newspaper can be used to attract them to a central sleeping possy then you can relocate or decimate as you will.

    Kind Regards

  3. Can’t help with what is eating yours, but our dogs are eating ours!!! And they are also eating the cherries on the lower branches of our trees!

    Don’t suppose you’ve got dogs, too, do you? LOL

  4. Our strawberries look like that, and it’s slugs that are eating them. They come out at night and feast, and are all gone by the morning. I couldn’t figure it out until I checked really early before the sun rose one morning.

    Now I collect the slugs for the chooks :-).

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