Back to Basics Challenge

Sowing Seeds and Planting  This last week has been a quiet one within the garden for planting and sowing.  Most of the beds are full up with plants or else waiting for successive plantings later in the season.

In the next week further plantings of beetroots and carrots will need to go in along with another crop of lettuce seeds.



Planning for the future  We are picking up our guinea pigs on Friday next week!  A friend breeds them and she has some extras that we can pick from.  So I better hurry up and figure out what else we need to keep g pigs apart from a house. 
(oh by the way Tony did have final say in the final design of said house.  Only 1 story high and no additional bathrooms.)

Working for the future  Finish Bed 5.  Gosh this one is taking so long to fill with soil.   Maybe today I will get some more done?

Other projects in the works are trim the hedge, alot of weeding and planting out the final of the fruit trees.  

The harvests are starting to roll in now with more beans than I know what to do with and the first of the zucchini are almost ready to pick.  The first ever raspberry was harvested yesterday.  Wow is all that can be said.  Other harvests include; lettuce, strawberries, the odd asparagus spear, chilli’s, tomatoes, basil, silver-beet, baby carrot thinnings and lemon balm (which is going to seed).

Building the Community  Does contributing to the ailing economy count?  aka Christmas shopping?  1 gift to go and I am finished  Frustratingly this gift is sold out almost everywhere!  It is a digital picture frame for my Nana, you can only fit so many photo frames in your house and she is reaching that point.  My sister and I are going halves and I cannot find one under $150 anywhere!  I usually have most of my Christmas shopping done in the mid year sales or else make the gifts, but this one we decided on last weekend.  Nana loves having pictures of all her grand child and great grand children so we think she will enjoy this gift.    ANYWAY I have to battle the Christmas crowds to find this frame…. 

Also a few days before Christmas the boys and I will be making biscuits instead of buying gifts for much of the family.   It is such a $ saver and I feel they are appreciated much more than a brought gift.  Especially when they are wrapped in homemade paper and with Liam hand made cards 😉

Learn a new skill  Nothing new this week, it has been rather quiet around here.


2 thoughts on “Back to Basics Challenge

  1. Hi
    Just read your blog.
    We have just bought a digital photo key ring. It hold 100 plus photos and is from Office Works for $15.00 It is for our Nana too

  2. What a brillant idea for the keyring Sue. My mum ended up finding a frame at Dick smiths today on her luch break for $60.

    But thanks for the idea, I might get one for my mother inlaws bday that isn’t too far away.

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