Hot and Humid


Yuck this weather is such a shock to the system, a very hot sticky heat.   The poor garden has taken a beating today and it looking very drawn out and dry.

wilted zuchinni

Late this afternoon



And what do you do with 2 hot bored kids?

kids in the rain

Send them out to play in the rain.


3 thoughts on “Hot and Humid

  1. Wasn’t the storm a godsend cooled things down that’s for sure.

    I have grass hoppers hatching here as well and eating all my greens. I thought that all the rain would have drowned the little blighters….

  2. Thanks for all the seed info Emily. I will try some of the things you suggested. My pumpkin seeds were a big disappointment because I have last years butternuts popping up all over the place but the Eden seeds have all failed, except for one that the dog trampled. I am not disheartened though, every year I learn more and produce a few new things.

    No need for you to have envy, your garden is fabulous!

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