I don’t know if you have been inundated by these but we have.  Many of the plants have holes eaten in the leaves.


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This is some of the damage to the bigger plants.  They have also taken up eating the seedlings as they emerge from the ground!



pak choy

Some control methods

  • Bury a glass jar to the rim in the soil.  Fill up half way with 1 part molasses to 10 parts of water.  They will hope into the sweet smelly mix and die.
  • Spray plants with a coffee spray.  Brew coffee 5 or 10 times stronger than normal and when it is cool spray it onto your plants.
  • Try a Chili spray.  Crush chilli’s in a food processor and seep in hot water over night.  Strain and spray affected  plants.  If you mix in some ca-stile soap (or a few drops of dish washing liquid) it will help it to stick.  CAUTION do not use this spray on windy days and wear gloves and goggles.  Keep kids and pets away until it is dry!
  • Diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled onto plants.  DE has razor sharp edges that penetrate the hoppers exoskeleton, dehydrating them and killing them. The same effect is had internally as they will also eat DE. Be sure to wear a mask when working with DE, you do not want to inhale it!  It will also wash off in rain.
  • Use a product like pyrethrin to kill nymphs in the first or second instar (when they are young)  This method may kill any other bugs around too.

    I will be trialing the molasses jars first as it is the easiest and less toxic of all the methods mentioned.  I will let you know how it goes.


    2 thoughts on “Grasshoppers

    1. Oooohhh!!! Rotten little critters! Funny thing though….the hoppers at my place prefer the ornamental garden to the veggies in pots…probably be a different story once the patch is finished and an abundance of veggies in the garden, I only have a few pots remaining with veggies now.

    2. We have the grasshoppers here too and many plants with holes. My daughter likes to look on the sunflower leaves for grasshoppers and feeds them to the chooks. She’s quite game! Not like her girly mum who squeals when they fly near me.

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