Vegetable garden update

Ahh back to regular posting about my favourite subject.  The vegetable garden this was taken on the 2/12

Vegetable garden 2/12/08

My how things are growing, the boys have discovered you can hide behind the plants and eat beans or even a half ripe tomatoes  (how can I complain about that when they are eating vegtables?)

vegetable gardens 8/12

This was taken today on the 8/12.  Yikes!

The Potatoes are in full flower now so hopefully it won’t be long until we have some tasty ones to eat.

The corn appears to love being crowded in together, but it is very thirsty and needs a good bucket of water a day in this 32c heat.


The tomato bed is driving me crazy we have had 5 whole cherry tomatoes so far.  There is so much fruit on the bushes so I wait with anticipation for the glut of summer.  Tomato sauce, jam, chutney and pasta sauce with some homegrown garlic oh yum!


Bed 4 is finally looking like it has something growing in it.  The carrots are all bushy (hopefully something is happening down below)  and the beetroots most certainly survived the collaspe and replant earlier in the month.

Bed 4


And finally we have a monster zuchinni plant growing, it is a Black beauty (seeds from Eden seeds)  and wow.  This is most certainly the best crop I have had in years!

giant zuchinni

How are your gardens growing?


3 thoughts on “Vegetable garden update

  1. Looks fantastic, I have corn and carrot envy. The chooks dug up alot of my corn and the carrots I planted too close the broccoli so they are now shaded. Never mind the broccoli is almost finished so they will be in the sun soon.

    It’s pouring with rain here – yay!

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