Back to Basics Challenge

Hmm I am a little bit late doing this but better late than never.

Sowing Seeds and Planting  Still nothing in the propagation box.  But the parsley is up, they are the tiniest little seedlings.  Other plants that have gone in:  Coffee trees, Sunflowers, succulents, liriope (the last two are from a plant sale a daycare – left overs from the fete) and afew other ornamental the needed planting.  Also the Spring onions have gone into bed 4 and the rescued beetroots have survived the collapse and transplant.

beetroot seedlings

The herb garden is now in summer mode.  The parsley, corriander, dill and borage have come out and chillis, basil and sunflowers have replaced them.

Meanwhile the boys bean teepee finally sprouted beans only for the chooks to munch on them!  Grrr… they (the beans certainly not the chooks!) will be getting a bit of TLC so hopefully they will recover.

tiny pruned off seedlings

Planning for the future  The menu for Sunday (when the family comes over)  and the number of seats, tables and eating utensils that will be needed.  I dislike using plastic so I will have to borrow some plates and cutlery.

Working for the future  Still freezing the glut of beans that are coming in.  I am also having a problem with grasshoppers, they are eating everything!  They also eat the seedlings when they germinate!  I have now sow 3 lots of zucchini seeds, they germinate and then they are gone!  


Building the community  N/A this week I can’t think of a thing!  Does donating to life line count?

Learn a new skill  Bed 4 is fixed we had to take out all the dirt at that end and then fix the bed.  We also put a steel post in for extra support.  And I learnt some valuable wood working skills when we built the guinea pig hutch.  (The piece of iron underneath is meant to be on the roof… ) hopefully it will be finished before the guinea pigs arrive.

Guinea pig hutch


2 thoughts on “Back to Basics Challenge

  1. Hi… I used an old round avairy (snatch and grab from lady down the street throwing it out) for my Gpigs! I have 6 boys, they are just a fluff bundle of joy, I could talk for hours about them and how much fun they are to have as pets. If you need any advice on the special little Eco-friendly critters, please give me a hollar (email) and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

  2. Sorry to hear about your bean shoots, I put rings of chicken wire around mine to start with, just in case the chooks got out, (and they did!) and that gave them a good start.

    I was going to ask you about the grasshoppers, I have these funny looking ones on my citrus that I would call katydids. Are these a pest or not? I might try and photograph them and see if anyone else knows.

    Good luck for the weekend.

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