Catching Up

I am snatching a few minutes to check out my emails (note nothing important) and write a catch up whats been going on here over the last 4 days.  We spent the best part of the weekend fixing and cleaning and paving and painting (see pic below for evidence 🙂  )

paving and painting

So far we have managed to complete:

  • Removed old blue tank off verandah and paved area 
  • Complete most of the painting  (just a scary high bit left now)
  • Potted up the 2 coffee trees
  • Made several trips to Lifeline
  • Finish the vegie garden paths
  • Clean lounge room (that looks as bad as it did last week now anyway)
  • Clean up the Under Kitchen Sink
  • Mow  
  • Clean Front room and Bookcase   
  • Start filling bed 5
  • Clean up lots of rubbish in back yard
  • Weeded, added compost and replanted the herb garden
  • Painted back door
  • Installed new laundry taps (well Tony did)
  • Weeded and mowed and whipper snipped front area

Herb garden

Painted Verandah roof

My new blue doorPhotos above – the new (just) planted herb garden, the newly painted-first-coat blue verandah roof & blue back door (complete with new putty around the glass) (note my keys hanging in the lock… I always seem to do that and then can’t remember where I left them!)


Now on to deal with some of this!  Yikes….  My hubby and his car stuff!  Luckily most of it going to the recyclers or lifeline Oh except the plants I really need to plant them…

Hope you are having a wonderful week!



4 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Thanks everyone *embrassed* it is really starting to take shape now.
    The paint is a colourbond colour called ‘Mountain Blue’ The house used to be gum green or something like that which I really didn’t like. So most of it is now blue. Just the roof to go now. (Its super 66 so it might be a while before it is replaced as it is just so damn expensive for asbestos disposal)

    But yes Chris it is a great place to call home 😉

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