Finishing Jobs that are half finished Part IV

Jumping for Joy

FRIDAY:  Store cupboard or Laundry room & still painting.  Remove old blue tank off verandah so the area can be paved

The tank has been empty for the last 3 months as I no longer need it, so I will pull it out and turn it into 2 more tubs for trees, thank goodness the area is under 1m sq so it won’t take long to pave over it.     Also Daddy aka Tony is home today after a week away at Goodiwindi where he has been installing a boiler.  Hence the jumping for joy above 😉 Oh I can finish the mowing!  🙂

THURSDAY:  Still some painting to finish.  Potted up remaining trees x 2. DONE  Trip to Lifeline  DONE  Dig up last garden path if the soil is soft enough NOT DONE

WEDNESDAY:  Paint Verandah – Half finished   Find Lounge Room Floor  DONE

Other Jobs Completed – Under Kitchen Sink,

TUESDAY: Mow & paint back verandah    I have cleaned the dirt off the verandah for painting (I forgot about the cleaning before painting part)  and almost finished mowing, but I ran out of fuel and the jerry can is in the van which is in Goodiwindi…  *sigh*  -) We currently have a knee high landing strip of grass running up the footpath

MONDAY:  Clean Front room and Bookcase    DONE