Sisters, Family, Here part II or Finishing Jobs that are half done

Since I seem to have a small novel of jobs that are half done and need to be finished.  I have decided to make this a week of ‘Finishing Jobs that are half finished’.  And honestly not that much will be going on around here in the gardens anyway.  So I will just update what I am doing and what gets done each day.  Ok stop yawning….  



WEDNESDAY:  Painting verandah & finding lounge room floor

TUESDAY: Mow & paint back verandah    I have cleaned the dirt off the verandah for painting (I forgot about the cleaning before painting part)  and almost finished mowing, but I ran out of fuel and the jerry can is in the van which is in Goodiwindi…  *sigh*  🙂 We currently have a knee high landing strip of grass running up the footpath

MONDAY:  Clean Front room and Bookcase    DONE

Other jobs to be done:  trip to Lifeline bins, take beer bottles to scout hut for recycling, take old car batteries (4 of them!) to recyclers, sort out the pile of gardening books which is currently covering the lounge seats, clean up pile of prunings on driveway that has been there for 2 weeks *yikes* and finally spray the kikuya with CHEMICALS that it has come up through 3 inches of gravel on the driveway


3 thoughts on “Sisters, Family, Here part II or Finishing Jobs that are half done

  1. Thanks, Em. It shows how toough kikuya is when it comes up through the compacted gravel on the driveway!

  2. Grrr to the kikuya scourge! That stuff has super-powers I’m sure. Good luck blasting it to smitherines. I’ll come dance on it’s withered tenticles of destruction afterwards. 😉

    Sounds like your place it going to be super organised after the spring clean-up!

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