Update – Sisters, Family, Here

My sister and me

Me on the Left and My sister on the Right

I had word on the weekend what was supposed to be a small family gathering of my parents, sister, brother and my nana. Has now turned into a full family gathering!  Of just 20+ people…
My sister moved to Perth at the beginning of this year. Which means we haven’t seen her all year.  She is flying back on the 6th of December for a wedding.  So we are having an early Christmas with her, then she won’t have to fly back again in 2 weeks for Christmas.   Flights from Perth aren’t cheap!

Anyway my Nana is rather excited to see her Granddaughter after neasrly 12mths and it appears now all of my family are now coming  


After some rather colourful words, on my part, I realised I have to get in and finish about 100 half finished jobs.  Such as painting, paving, the driveway, the vegetable garden path (that is a serious tripping hazard), the poo covered chook area…..   

I am sure my family won’t care how the place looks as it will be so wonderful just to be together as a family.  But this (Little Farm) is my baby, my project so I want it to look good!  (and not half done)


So today’s project are:

TUESDAY:   Mowing and Painting the veranda

MONDAY:  Clean front room & bookcase  DONE

Other happenings: a sandpit on the plans and the Guinea Pigs cage is almost done.


2 thoughts on “Update – Sisters, Family, Here

  1. You’re so purdy Emily. 🙂

    And I’m sure your family will love what you’ve achieved all the same. I used to feel embarassed about my little old place in Toowoomba, but the thing about little old houses is they say welcome!! They have nothing to hide, they say take me warts and all – and people really do notice the changes you make.

    I love your place and I think you should be extremely proud. 🙂

  2. Thanks Chris for your wonderful comments. Your place is looking brillant too! Especially that chook coup!

    I too am proud of what we have done, I must try to find some before photos of when we first moved in.
    There is just a lot of ‘loose’ ends that need to be finished at the moment, and I will admit this is mostly for me that I am finishing these jobs.
    We are all really looking forward to seeing my sister. My boys are counting down the days now. 10days left!

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