Back to basics Challenge

Gosh time for another update already….

Sowing Seeds and Planting  Again there is no new seeds in the propagation box.  The parsley still hasn’t germinated!  It can take up to 2 weeks so it should be soon!

After a week the boys bean teepee still hadn’t sprouted any Scarlett runner beans, so I investigated.  It appears the seeds rotted in the very wet weather recently!  So I have replanted some seeds this time I am trying Princess Climbing Beans.  They should be up in the next few days.

With the lovely cool weather and super soft soil I have also been planting out plants into the garden, so far Tansy, cowpeas and pigeon peas.  And also digging weeds out and conditioning the soil.   The apple trees might go in this week, as I can finally dig a hole big enough.  The ground was so hard! 

I also have a large back log of plants that need to go in so I will be focusing on them this week.  And maybe finally getting Bed 5 started finished.  As honestly it is just the most fantastic cool but sunny weather at the moment.  The grass is lush and green, the gardens don’t need watering and the sky is a brilliant blue with puffy little clouds….   Lovely

waiting and still waiting


Planning for the future  Looking over the original plans for Little Farm. Plan 1   Plan 2   Plan 3.  Honestly it didn’t seem like that much work on paper!  Sometimes I get carried away with my ideas so it is good to go back and check exactly what I was planning to do.

Working for the future  Freezing the glut of beans that are coming in.  And checking the activity of the Pests and disease in the garden. 

Building the community  Gulp – Meeting my sons new Vice Principal on Tuesday, for a ‘get to know you’ interview!  Honestly how can it be when your nearly in your 30s (ok minus 2 years) it can still make you nervous meeting ‘the principal?’ 

Learn a new skill  I have learn’t that 2 screws is not enough to hold the beds together.  One side had 3 and the other had 2 (we borrowed one for Bed 5)  And it appears it needed 6!  Oh well, off the figure out how to fix this and save my beetroot seedlings!



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  1. Hi, It’s great to have a peak in your garden. With our corrugated iron beds, we used another small piece of the iron and bent it at right angles and placed it on the corners. I’m not sure how many screws were used because when I say we, I mean he(my husband), I only do the planting not the building.

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