With the recent storms and strong winds, our first and only apple of this season was knocked off the tree.  (I removed all of the other fruit to allow the trees to become established)  It is roughly the size of a large golfball.  Such a pity and now I will have to wait until next year to taste these.

tropical apple

Later the same day when watching the boys on the trampoline I noticed this

Granny Smilth apple tree

If we look a little bit closer…

APPLESAPPLES!  Two of them to be exact!  Exactly when this tree flowered has me wondering as I was watching for it….   The other strange part is I do not have a cross pollinator for it yet.  Granny smiths require a Pinkabelle.  Maybe one of our Tropical Apples did the job or a nearby neighbour has a tree?

These are the first apples on this tree and it is 2 years old now and it gets no love, the odd bucket of water and I don’t think I have pruned it, ever!

Isn’t nature brilliant…