Ok I promise this is my last post about my bean harvest.  Today we have another tomato and also GARLIC!  I pulled this one out to see what was happening down there in the soil.  I almost fell over in shock! A garlic bulb!  And here I thought I had killed them…

Another Harvest

These are the same garlic that the chooks took a liking to sitting on and that I dug up half way through the season and put in a pot! 

It really is a simple crop to grow.  As I also discovered it doesn’t particularly like being forgotten and not watered for a few weeks, but apart from that I would rate it EASY. 

Out of 25+ bulbs I have 5 mature ones…  Hopefully next year I will have better luck. 


One thought on “Harvesting

  1. I bet your glad you got that area paved it will keep all the wonderfull mud at bay.
    There can never be to many posts and photos of home grown harvested food..keep them comming

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