Rainfall last night 30.2mm

And this is what happens if you have too much rain


collaped dirt & lost plantscollasped




I have been covering the beds with tarps when it rains as they cannot cope with the amount of water hitting them.  I will have to resuce my beetroot seedlings, they are in there somewhere….


To my readers – I hope you are all safe and well, I know a few of you live where the heavy storms have been hitting.   


4 thoughts on “Collaspe

  1. Thats a shame Emily, was it only one? I hope thats all the damage you have suffered though, sounds like things have been pretty wild in Queensland.

  2. Yes thank goodness it is the only one. I am hoping the spuds won’t rot with so much rain! And as I type it is coming over all overcast again. *Yikes*
    Toowoomba seems to be just getting the rain and moderate winds. Thank goodness. (I hope Chris at Bushland Project is alright she is closer to the Lockyar than us)
    We nearly got stuck coming home from my parents last night it has been so long since we have had decent rain we didn’t think of all the gullys, we had to cross. An hour later and we would have been in trouble!

  3. Sounds awful, it’s so extreme isnt it. I have given you an award, hope it will cheer you up. Good luck with the tatties.

  4. Hope you can fix up the bed soon Emily, that must be disappointing. At least the rest will kick along with the rain, amazing how everything grows isn’t it. Some of our newly emerged seedlings look a bit shell shocked atm, hope they recover!

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