Back to Basics Challenge

This week has been a bit of a flop.  Tony has been away and I am feeling oh so lazy.  So lazy that I did not clean my pantry…  But the fete is over and it was great.  Lots of sugar, games, cool prizes and lots of smiles and laughing.

 Herb garden

Sowing Seeds and Planting  No new seeds sown this week, all but the parsely is out of the propargation box from the last week.  More Tomatoes have gone in as the Pak Choy is being eaten and I have started staking the tomatoes as they were starting to fall out of the gardens. 

We spent a large part of last weekend building what Tony calls ‘the little farm in the outskirts.’  This is my parents container vegetable garden.  Tomatoes, lettuce, beans, parsley, cucumber, pakchoy, silverbeet and more have gone in.  Sorry I forgot to take a photo.

Meanwhile here, later this week I will be pulling up most of the parsley (its all bolted to seed) in the herb garden, conditioning the soil and planting out the basil.  Also I have alot of seedlings that need to be potted up. 

Planning for the future  We are getting Guinea Pigs!  aka mini lawn mowers.  So the sketch books are out to design a ‘simple’ enclosure.  The boys are drawing 3 story high complexes complete with ensuite!  Tony is thinking more of a single floor simple cage and night house unit.    Did I mention simple?  I will let you know how the debate ends.

Working for the future  Still needing to clean out the pantry, store cupboard and now the fridge (it has developed an interesting smell!)  Mr 3yr old likes to put his apple cores, dirty plates and left overs in there so goodness knows what I will find!

Building the community  The Daycare fete.  We met lots of ‘this is such’a’such’s Mummy and Daddy’  And it was great to see many old faces too.  This week we have Prep Open Day.  So we will be meeting new teachers and new friends. 

Learn a new skill  I successfully made Chocolate fudge and cocconut ice!  Otherwise I can not think of any new skills this week…  apart from being lazy!