seedlings anyone?

Lots of baby plants around here…  And more to coming!


5 thoughts on “Seedlings

  1. they look great, lovely and healthy.

    The book arrived today, thank you very much. I am going to go and open it now.

    x Deb 🙂

  2. Looks like things are full steam ahead there, they look wonderfully healthy, WTG!

    I hope you enjoy that I have nominated you for an award, if you accept you can save the icon from my page to post on yours.


  3. I love a good snap of seedlings. Full of so much promise for a harvest! Yours look like they’re in good shape. What kind of soil do you use?

    I’m trying a bit of homemade compost, sand and regular potting mix. My tomatoes appear to be struggling to develop or maybe they are just naturally slow?

    I suspect I don’t protect them enough from the wind and they get knocked about a bit.

  4. Molly thank you for the award!

    Chris I just buy a bag of potting mix, I think it is a Searles brand it is a special blend for vegetables and herbs.
    I find it easier to buy a bag at the moment and they last a good month or so and it only costs $9.
    For seedlings I buy a seed raising mix that has fertilizer in it. Mainly as it is ‘clean’ so it reduces the risk of soil bourne diseases.
    Tomatoes can be slow if it is not warm enough, or if the weather is crazy as it has been.
    Compost can be short of some nutrients, it depends on what it is made of.
    I know it not very sustainable but you can water your seedlings with a soluable fertilizer such as Thrive or else a product such as Charlie Carp or seaweed fert. I often use all of these.
    Seedlings are very hungry, and need alot of available nutrients to feed them. But at the sametime to much of a good thing is also bad.
    Hope this helps you Chris – Em

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