Back to Basics Challenge – week 3

Jobs are slowly being checked off the list, the soda stream machine is fixed and seeds are going into the propagation box and plants are moving out.  Due to the rainy weather the bean teepee is a bit behind.  But we have discovered you can grow plants in old shoes.  Daddy’s work boots are apparently looking like good pots…


Now to the challenge:

Sowing seed and Planting  This week in the propagation box we have *more!* tomatoes, rosellas, spring onions, spaghetti squash, luffas, parsley’s (flat and curled), silverbeet and more sunflowers.  I have several fruit trees that desperatley need to go into tubs, I just have to find my drill bit… It was last seen in the hand of a 3yr old!

propagation box

Planning for the Future    Still working on that budget, (we work on a fortnightly pay). 

Working for the Future  Clean the pantry and back store cupboards.  This will take me all week, they are in such a state.  Also we have to silicone around the base of the shed (were it sits on the slab) as in this rain it is flooding!  It appears the water hits the wall of the shed and seeps under the edge.  It used to do this on the old site but it is even worse on the cement!

Building the Community  The daycare fete is on the weekend (15th), so I will be cooking many patty cakes with cute animal faces on them for the cake stall and several trays coconut ice.  I am also volunteering with with the pre-fete day preparations.

Learn a new skill  The only new skill I can think of this week is I am making coconut ice for the fete.  I haven’t made this since I was very little and my Nana did most of the work.  Hopefully it will work out!


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