Things have been moving slowly around here, but the garden is starting to move into full swing.

We are harvesting dwarf beans, chilli’s, lettuce, pak choy, many types of herbs, silverbeets and chards.  The corn is higher than the children, the carrots are finally up (dump a piece of wood on top until they germinate) and the egg plant is full of flowers.  The cherry tomato is full of fruit that should be ripe soon and the other plants are just starting to flower.  How my mouth waters at the thought of homegrown tomatoes.

 It is with great pleasure to announce the chicken fence is chicken proof.  It is such a relief that they can escape to the shade under the trees during the midday heat.  And I know the vegetable garden is safe from the evil clutches beaks of the chickens.  In two weeks the Luffas should be big enough to plant out on the fence.   Then I have the fun of trying to stop them from eating the plants *what fun*

With the recent rains I have noticed the ‘pests’ are coming out.  28 spotted lady beetle, grasshoppers and aphids galore.  The children are currently learning the fine art of bug catching and identifying if they can squish them.

Next week I will be doing a week of posts explaining ‘how to grow a .?. vegetable’  I figure I may as well use my knowledge gained from my TAFE certificate… 

If there is any vegetable you are interested in growing and want info about propagating them and their growing requirements, post a comment below and I will (try) to help you.

Give away:  If you would like some Luffa (or Loofa) seeds, in exchange for a SSAE, please email me at littlefarminthecity@hotmail.com .  Due to my limited number I can only send you 4 seeds.  But so far the seeds I have planted have come up, so the seeds appear to have a high viability…


4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Good idea to put your certificate to good use, although I’m sure it must help you on the little farm.

    Do you have any tips for growing parsnips, I never seem to have any luck with them. I absolutely love them and they are so expensive it would be great to be able grow our own.

  2. It’s such a relief containing the chickens isn’t it! You don’t have to guard everything you don’t want eaten. Glad to hear your fence is working. Makes the gardening jobs a little easier.

    I have some luffa seeds I have to plant out too. Otherwise I’d take you up on the offer.

    If Greenfumb is opting for parsnips, I’ll go for something in the same root family – the beetroot. I love canned beetroot and want to grow some of my own to cook and preserve. So any tips on growing beetroot would be good.

    Thanks for offering to share your knowledge. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Beetroot and Parsnips it is to start the week.
    Any other suggestions?

    And heaps of seeds availablw still!

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