Wonderful view

My plants

I love walking out the back door and seeing

this view

Everything is growing so well at the moment with the


I think we have had close to 30mm (the online rain measurer is registering 0.0mm?)

The plants are now looking positively HUGE.

What’s your favourite view?


5 thoughts on “Wonderful view

  1. Oh dear now you have me humming ‘that song’….
    Hasn’t the rain been brillant. But the online rain measuerer is broken, do you know how much we’ve had?

  2. No sorry I rely on them as well, but this would have to be the best season round here for quite a few years. I hope it continues through to summer as well.

  3. I agree, the consistent rain has been most welcome here too. Putting some moisture back into the dry earth.

    My favourite view is from the laundry door, where I get to see all the vegie beds emerging.

  4. Its definitely the best season for ages. It is raining here again. Lovely gentle soaking rain. But all the tanks are full!

    Veggie views seem to be the favourite around here lol

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