Leaf Spots

The herb garden is becoming a mini jungle.  Toys are accidentally entering it, only to never come out.  It might be the children next!

herb garden

The kids have discovered the joy if iced mint or lemon balm tea.  And every meal seems to be sprinkled with parsley or chives at the moment.  Though Tony is starting to look abit green when he sees another dish with parsley in it!

Over the last few weeks I have noticed the parsley is developing spots.  Leaf spots.  Upon further research it appears to be Septoria petroselini.  (Or else an Alternaria. variety)  This is a fungal disease that is spread by water droplets.  It is most prominent in the older leaves and during humid weather.  It is carried in seeds so infected plants should not be used for seed saving.

parsley spots

Treatments.  In all honesty unless you are growing these plants for resale purposes, the spots can stay.  However, if it really bothers you (yeah it sort of annoys me) there is several treatment methods.  

Cultural  Methods

  • Avoid overhead watering particularly late in the day. 
  • Remove all infected plants and debris from the area
  • Practise clean methods of gardening, such as washing tools and pots
  • Treat new seeds with a hot water treatment before sowing
  • Increase spaces between the plants for more air circulation

Biological –   No biological methods are known

Chemical – There is chemical treatments available I am unable to find any products that are available for domestic use. 

What will I be doing?  As all of the plants are bolting to seed, they will need replacing.  I will be growing them from seed and these plants will replace the diseased ones.  As a precaution I will use the hot water treatment on the seeds and will clean the garden out of all debris and diseased plants.

Do you have any plant problems that you would like help with?  Email me at littlefarminthecity.hotmail.com


2 thoughts on “Leaf Spots

  1. Thankyou, that was interesting Emily! I like knowing what things are too 🙂 We have those spots through our parsley and I thought they were from my inconsistent watering, but I had a close look and can see the spores on some lesions. As you wrote, it’s on the older leaves, so we use the younger ones.

  2. I am finding in this strange hot/ cold weather the spots are certainly increasing in number…
    I am glad to have helped you.

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