In the garden

We had a super busy weekend.  My lovely mother-in law took the children for the whole day on Sunday!  So Tony and I mowed, pruned, cleaned like crazy.  Whilst also pondering what to do next (there is simply too many jobs…)

One of the big jobs was to move the old laundry tub next to the tank.  A heavy awkward thing to move.

Now I have to decide what to plant in it.  I have some savory and salad burnett plants that I brought back in, oh August *poor things*  that I keep potting up.  I just couldn’t decide where to plant them. 

I think this is it, the spot

For the area beside the pavers, that is currently dirt I am hoping to plant some Apple Chamomile.  A lovely smelling plant that is a very vigorous ground cover.  I have 2 very full pots of it, so I will divide it up and repot it.  Hopefully in a few months there will be enough plants to make a start at covering the dirt.

Jobs for Today 

  • Fill in tubs and plant out
  • Divide Apple Chamomile
  • Sow Rosella, parsley, chive and spaghetti squash seeds
  • Start to build the bean teepee with the boys

2 thoughts on “In the garden

  1. I love those old laundry sinks, I wish I had one. It will look great when you get it planted up. Apple chamomile sounds delicious, is it a good ground cover type plant?

  2. We were lucky when we moved in the tub was already here. I often see them at our local dump recycling shop.

    The chamomile is an excellent ground cover, a bit like mint.

    It prefers moist and shady positions. The lady at the nursery where I brought it said it smelt like lolly apples… I am not sure about that?

    It is very fast growing, so it shouldn’t be long until we have too much of the stuff. I am still not sure if this is a good thing or not…

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